Also called a Bone Suplex by Bone, the T-Bone Suplex is a variant of a belly-to-belly suplex. The wrestler performing the Exploder suplex seizes the opponent in a head-and-shoulder hold as in a side slam, and takes hold of the opponent's near leg's upper thigh with his free arm, and then falls backwards and throws him/her overhead down to the mat on their shoulders and upper back, in the same motion as a Belly-to-Belly.

A slight variation called blizzard suplex exists in which the opponent is thrown over horizontally so that they land flat on their back instead of their shoulders. The wrestler can also keep the hold in this variation and bridge his back, pinning the opponent's shoulders down to the mat. There are also several modified versions of an exploder, such as one where the attacker would flip it into a Powerslam pin rather than throwing the opponent overhead while falling back. Some of the tougher Wrestling fighters have this move such, Bone, PeeWee, Cruz and Comp.


  • This move is a Wresling move. Only Wrestlers are aloud to make this move.
  • This move it use to be a pin move back in 2000. Present this move is just a throw suplex and a K.O move. In the Def jam Vendetta this move is use to pin the opponents and in DDFNY the T-Bone Suplex is a Knock Out Move. The other Def Jam series are just a normal move.