Peewee Big Splash is one of the Big Moves creater by Peewee back in 2003. This move was also in Def Jam Vendetta as the original name an Peewee owns it. This move was also in Def Jam Fight For New York. You can earn this move by having 250 Environment Points at the game. In real life you need to have enough skill and enough Environment Points to earn this move. This Finisher move is similar to Bone Finisher Move. This move is made of Wrestling Skills.  
Brony meetup

Splash MoveEdit

The basic splash, which is also known as a press, involves a wrestler jumping forward from a raised platform (usually the top turnbuckle) and landing stomach first across an opponent lying on the ground below.

The way that Peewee do his move it twisting the opponents arms and it give his opponents a big headbutts right on the opponents head and then he throw his opponents on the ground and he give them a big splash on the body. With his heavy weight he will Knock Out his opponents.

Bone also have this move an a different way.