Lil BEdit

Lil B is the best character in Def Jam Icon and the strongest. His strengths is that he got all of the bitches. His finishers are to fuck your bitch and the Ter Ter Blooken


I feel like Ellen

Right hand Ellen

Big blank rang

But I feel like Usher Raymond

Put me on the couches

Interview my girlfriend

Swag, swag, swag, swag

Brang-dang-dang your girlfriend

Girlfriend look like Ellen

Chain like Degeneres

"Damn Lil B, you done came up!

Now you touring heavy and your show costs 30 Gs

Damn BasedGod, you doing everything"

And I still swag harder

Iced-out ring real big like a charger

Yeah, he tight, but I'm swagging harder

See me on the Internet, 10 million Youtube

950 MySpace, 10 million MySpace

Young BasedGod met a girl off of MySpace

Now I'm on TV like Ellen Degeneres

"30 thousand for his show: oh he's so generous!"


[Verse 2]

See me on set at 10 o'clock

Practicing my lines, swag to the tenth

Backstage pass, VIP pass

Iced out ring, Iced out chain

Ellen Degeneres, you're so generous

Everybody shows up, everybody loves you

30 thousand Showtime, 20 thousand maybe

Ellen Degeneres: mamis go crazy

Name's Lil B but the girls call me Swayze

See me at the show, hair cut like a baby

Ask a hundred girls if they know what my name is

Lil B BasedGod, Ellen's so famous