Juan Gabriel Castro was born in Mexico in 1988, he is best know by sample Juan in the ring or arena. Juan is a member of South 13 as a messenger and fighter. Juan made his career in the ring by teaming up with PeeWee in tag team match, but they lost to Joe and Drake. Juan is also a messanger to his leader Tank. Juan lost his career early after losing to Joe for the career match in Def Jam Vendetta arena.

Early LifeEdit

Juan was a member of VL as a messanger to his captain and then he turn on them before hearing rumors in Brooklyn New York that was actually a fights so Tank tlak to him to join him if he has skills in the ring, so Juan decide to join them and leave his old gang.

Fighting CareerEdit

Juan begin his career by joining forces with Tank the leader of the South 13. Juan begin his career in a tag team match with PeeWee which they face Drake and Joe, but they lost in the Mexican Spot. Juan lost to Joe in the Fan Club with an extreme stunner. in the Jamaican Spot Juan lost again to Joe with a stunner. Juan team up with his leader Tank to face Ruffneck and Arii as the tough guys of KKK. Tank and Juan win the match went Juan pin on Ruffneck with an Tornado Split. In the Wherehouse he lost to Sketch. In the Junkyardand in Sanctuary and he lost to Spider and Moses. In the Junkyard the announcer convince the owner of the clubs to give Juan a chance to keep fighting in the clubs by facing Headache, if he defeat him he have one chance, but he lost with Headache special move call Head Rush. In Def Jam Vendatta he lost his career to Joe with double stunner. Juan lost his career and Tank want him out of his crew.


  • Juan have a in girlfriend name Ana which Juan left her few years ago before trying to go back to fight in New York.
  • Juan try many of times to get back in the fights but the owner wont let him thorough as his lost his career.