A move in which the wrestler goes behind an opponent, then puts his head under the opponent's shoulder. He then lifts his opponent up, and drops him or her tailbone-first on the wrestler's knee.

Inverted atomic dropEdit

A move in which the wrestler puts his or her head under the opponent's shoulder and lifts the opponent up and then drops his or her "lower abdomen region" or groin first on the wrestler's knee. Even though this move is an indirect Low Blow, it is considered a legal move because the groin is not being targeted. This move have two ways as you guys can see, the light fighters such, Drake, Joe and Nyne use ths move normally by just lift the opponent up and, drop him in tailbone-first on the wrestler knee. The toght guys like as ones againt. Nyne, PeeWee and Bone use this move by lift the opponent all way up and then it drop in the tailbone.