Drake is an American bad ass as you can see in the Video Game, his P
Drake (Vendetta)

Drake is tauting to Pockets.

ower, Stamina and Speed are pretty high but the rest of his stats are pretty low. Drake only appears in Def Jam Vendetta but you can create him in Def Jam Fight For New York and make him stronger with three powerful styles. Drake also has two customs in Def jam Vendetta.


You only will be facing Drake one time which is an the Face Club then you're unlock him as a playable character in battle modes and went you finish the story with three or two characters by defeating Drake then you unlock Drake custom 2.

The Face ClubEdit

Drake fights dirty, plain and simple. This match will be a big step up from the previous one with PeeWee. Drake isn't as tough as he may seem, because his only strengths are power and speed. The other 4 categories (grappling, defense, stamina and charisma) are alarmingly low. You may have trouble with his speed, but you can handle this by using grapple moves early and often.

Beat Drake, and you will be put up in a match against Scarface, owner of The Face Club. Toughen your character up some more before this match (try evening out the categories as much as possible, so your character is well rounded).

Def Jam Fight For New YorkEdit

Drake may not appear in Def Jam Fight For New York, but you can create him and make it stronger with three powrful styles and four finishers. Known as Drake is an American fighter and a hater to everyone, he is an expert in Martial Arts. Drake is really quick so the first style you should give him is Martial Arts and then Wrestling and Submissions since he has Wrestling moves and Submissions moves. As the results Drake is going to be really quick with potencial health and his finishers moves are No Roleplay, Underground, Pop Your Collar and Over and Out. His Finishers moves are really quick to finish his opponents quickly. The real Drake have most of those moves such as Triple Kicks of Arts and some of the submissions moves that do all the time during the ring time.


  • Upper Strength: 90%
  • Lower Strength: 90%
  • Speed: 100%
  • Toughness: 70%
  • Health: 100%



  • Edward Hinson is an voice actor and a american singer who voices Drake in Def Jam Vendetta.
  • None of these moves that Drake has in Def Jam Vendetta belong to him but its a little related since the finisher moves are very fast. Two of those finisher are belong to Lauren and Cindy J.